Look Great Feel Good

Colour & Make Up Workshop

Hands on workshop and practical advice on skin type, skin care, tone, face & eye shape, corrective techniques to achieve a flawless skin, colour application like a professional, how colour can change the way that you look, seasonal/tonal colour.

Interactive face to face or virtual training on Zoom via your laptop, device, PC or phone.

£20.00 per person - 120 minutes

Mummy Me Time Makeover

Hands on workshop & practical advice on how to create a natural make up look in a hurry. Quick easy skincare & DIY facial. Advice on how to get good quality sleep. Quick fixes to destress, relax and pamper yourself, finding daily 'me time', how to nourish & nurture yourself - you cant pour from an empty cup

Interactive face to face or virtual training on Zoom via your laptop, device, PC or phone.

£15.00 per person - 90 minutes

Pamper Me Beautiful

Learn how to pamper, yourself, friends & family.  Hands, feet, face, head massage and what luxury products you can use.  Why is aromatherapy so beneficial?  Pamper routines, Beauty, Health tips, Life hacks, How to successfully chillout with destress & relaxation techniques.

Interactive face to face or virtual training via Zoom via your laptop, device, PC or phone

£25.00 per person - 120 minutes

One to One Training - 1 hour

One to one face to face or interactive virtual training via skype or Zoom.  Choose from the  following:

  • Get a Zest for Life
  • Make-up
  • Skincare, self-pampering
  • Postural analysis
  • Nutritional guidance for health or weightloss
  • Exercise for toning, health, weightloss etc.
  • Menopause survival
  • General Health guidance
  • Mindfulness, breathing, relaxation
  • Improving gut health, hormone balance
  • Facial Yoga, Facial Massage
  • Alleviate menopause symptoms, improve mood & brain fog
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£35.00 - 60 minutes

Spring Crash Course

How to lose weight without dieting.  Easy effective workouts to do at home.  New You make up look.  Boosters for health & skin.  Colour, image, style for spring.  Safe easy detox.  Overcome SAD syndrome.  How to destress and achieve life balance.

Interactive face to face or virtual training on Zoom via your latop, device, PC or phone.

£20.00 - 120 minutes

Brainfit Master class

Date TBC

Brainfit is a stress reducing positivity workout utilising movement, music and meditation with powerful affirmations.

Stress is a major culprit in the onset of health problems, diseases, inability to lose bodyfat, especially around the midsection.

Negative thought patterns and self talk affects the whole body chemistryy so the Brainfit Workout helps retrain that inner voice using powerful affirmations and mantras.

Truly the next generation of Group Fitness class fusing beautifully mind, body, spirit.

Live online Masterclass £5 or FREE to VIP Club members

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