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7 Day Lift Lean

Struggling with mid section weight gain that won’t shift? Want to increase muscle tone, definition, strength, fitness & endurance?  Struggling to do high impact workouts due to joint pain? Nutrition spiralled out of control? Need daily focus & accountability with education & empowerment? Then the LIFT LEAN Programme with the 5:2 Diet is just for you. The 7 day Kick Start you need to get fitter & lose weight. 

  • Daily coaching with an educational video explaining what to eat
  • Goal setting
  • Positivity & how to personalise the plan to suit your lifestyle:
  • 7 Daily Lift Lean workouts - to shape your body, increase muscle tone, work on your midsection & strengthen bones & joints
  • 7 Daily Step by Step videos of weight loss, meal plans, recipes & food ideas to fit into busy lifestyles
  • 7 days of motivation & mindset
* You will need to buy/borrow - Kettlebells, stability ball, Dumbells, Resistance bands

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14 Day Kick Start Sprinter

Need to Kick start your fitness & nutrition back on track? 

Try the 14 Day Sprinter rapid fat loss programme to kick start your results.  Workouts & nutrition to suit the busiest of lifestyles & in a bitesize 14 days!  Delivered quickly & easily in a facebook group.  Get...

  • Daily nutritional videos explaining what to eat
  • Daily, equipment free workouts
  • Bonus workouts
  • Meal plans, shopping lists & recipes

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7 Day Lift Lean Midsection Meltdown

Are you struggling with your midsection? Unexplained weight gain around your middle? Feeling bloated & puffy & cant seem to get on track? Try the 7 Day Midsection Meltdown Online Programme & start right away. What do you get when you sign up?..
  • Daily nutritional video explaining exactly what to eat, how & why
  • Daily midsection 10-20 minute home workout
  • Daily coaching videos & online support shopping list, meal plans, recipes & food ideas
  • Full 7 day programme designed for you to Kick Start your health, weight loss & wellbeing
  • BONUS - Equipment free LIFT LEAN workouts & FITNESS PILATES workouts to do at home

* You will need to buy/borrow - Kettlebells, stability ball, Dumbells, resistance bands

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5 Week Kick Start PRIME Programme

Kick Start PRIME is a ground-breaking weight loss, wellness & optimum health programme that you can access online.  Are you struggling with menopause, unexplained weight gain, mid section weight gain, low mood, poor sleep quality, loss of fitness, joint pain & a whole host of health & wellness niggles?

Kick Start PRIME includes...

  • Workouts
  • Weekly protocol
  • Educational videos
  • Guest Audios & lectures from the top experts in womens wellness
  • Coaching videos

Kick Start PRIME is for women who are struggling with...

  • Peri Menopause/Menopause & Post Menopause
  • Night Sweats
  • Mid Section Weight Gain/Body Shape change
  • Gut problems/Thyrodis/Adrenals
  • Brain Fog - Low Mood/Depression, Mood swings - Anger/Sadness/Emotions

Contact us for details of the 10 phase programme timetable

When you book, you have access to the whole programme to read, watch & digest – think of this as an educational journey as well as a 5 week plan to improve your wellness.

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